Princess of Rome

Production Year:
Feature Film
Kids And Teenagers

Hamed Jafari
Writer and Director:
Hadi Mohamadian
Successive Producer:
MohammadJavad Janati
Production Manager:
Mehdi Pakdel
Aria Azimnezhad
Advertising and Public Relation Manager:
Hadi Esmaeali
Hossein Mahdavi
Dubbing Manager:
Naser Tahmasb
Project Consultant:
Hassan Vadood
Historical Consultant:
MohammadHossein Rajabi Davani
Mahmood Motaharnia
Light and Rendering Supervisor:
Mehrdad Farzi
Modeling Supervisor:
Davood Asadolahi
Clothing Supervisor:
Hesamedin Firooznia
Animate Supervisor:
Ali Nikorazm
Character Designer:
Saeed Farhangian
VFX Supervisor:
Saeed Rabiee
Advertising Consultant:
Vahid Mehrabian
Public relations officer:
Hadi Firoozmandi
Location Modeling Officer:
Soroush Amani
Character Modeling Officer:
Reza Rezaee
VFX Officer:
Amirabas Feiz
Clothing Assistant:
Ahmad Falah
Saeed Memarian
Hassan Mortazavi
Supporting Affairs:
Hasan Jafaee
Administrative Affairs:
Saeed Bagherzadeh

The story of love and devotion and later marriage of a virtuous lady of Christian faith who is a descendent of Jesus Christ’s disciples to one of the great grandsons of the prophet of Islam. The fruit of this marriage is a blessed child (son) of pure essence and noble character who will fill the Earth with justice and righteousness in the near future